Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
To start, register with DSL (Diverse Supplier Link) by selecting your ID, a password, your company’s name and your email address. An email will be sent to you with a link to validate your email address. After you have successfully validated your email address you can start entering your company profile information to complete the registration process.
What is the DSL access and registration process?
Registration is for Suppliers. The DSL registration process allows Suppliers to have access to DSL. By creating an ID and password, Suppliers can create and complete a Profile that allows them to be found by Buying Organizations to participate as a Supplier. Part of the Profile creation process includes Registration with Buying Organizations. Individual Buying Organizations participating in this program may require additional fields to be completed on your profile during the registration process.
Why should my company register with DSL?
It’s fast, easy and gives you maximum exposure with potential Buyers from a number of Buying Organizations who are looking for a company like yours. Rather than going through the time consuming process to complete diverse supplier registration information for each Buying Organization, DSL allows you to fill out the basic program information only once and provide it to Buying Organizations across multiple corporations. DSL also lets you store copies of your minority certification documents and marketing collateral in order to provide a truly rich, customized snapshot to interested Buying Organizations. When you want to register with a specific Buying Organization, then simply find the Buying Organization in the Registration tab, and click "Register".
I don’t see an email in my mail and I have tried several times. What do I do now?
First check your spam filter folder to make sure the emails are not being filtered out. Second, make sure you successfully completed the process of entering the letters you see on the screen to complete the registration and receive a message that says to look in your email for a link to the websites. Feel free to please contact us at so we may assist you with completing your registration.
Does my company have to be a diverse supplier to join DSL?
Suppliers can register and do not have to be certified to sign up and join the website, but yes you need to be Certified to Register with most, if not all buying organizations.

Any Buying Organization can register. Buying Organizations may join that wish to participate in DSL and find and use certified diversity Suppliers to fulfill their needs. Please contact us at to start the enrollment process.
As a Buying Organization, how do we participate in DSL?
Contact us at to start the enrollment process.
How do the keywords work?
Keywords are used in searches to locate the profiles of Suppliers that offer the products and services Buyers are seeking. Listing your keywords allows Buyers to find you. Carefully consider the keywords to ensure the search finds you. Keywords drive all searches in DSL. Identify each one of your products and services and every way your industry is listed for maximum exposure. The Buyer’s Search function does NOT look at any documents you’ve uploaded.
Are Notes private?
Yes, Notes are private.

Suppliers can enter notes on their profile (such as status or plans for next steps) which remain private and are not visible to any other users.

Buying Organizations can enter notes on Supplier Registrations which also remain private and are not visible to any other users.
What does it cost to join DSL?
Most features are free for Suppliers, however premium services are available for a reasonable price (see next question).
I'm getting an error message when uploading one of my marketing brochures. I need to store a file larger than 5 MB.
If you need more space, contact us at for our Silver, Gold and Platinum prices.
Can I join as a Tier 1 Supplier looking for Tier 2 diverse partners?
You may join the website and search for those Suppliers that have chosen to make their profiles available. Unless you are a certified Supplier, you may not be able to successfully complete registering with buying organizations.
Can I advertise on DSL?
Yes, you can advertise on DSL.

Suppliers may advertise on DSL by becoming the Featured Supplier on the DSL website home page. Please contact us at for more details.

Buying Organizations may advertise on DSL by becoming the Featured Buyer on the DSL website home page. Please contact us at for more details.
How do I become a Featured Buying Organization or a Featured Supplier?
Please contact us at for more details.
Will you sell my information?
You own and control your information. On the Supplier Profile pages you will set indicators that controls who gets to access your information.